Rental Pricing for Oil Flooded & Oil-Free Rotary Compressors
HPApprox CFMOil Flooded Rotary (Week)Oil Flooded Rotary (Month)Oil-Free Rotary (Week)Oil-Free Rotary (Month)
60250$875$2,625One month minimum$5,100
75340$1,000$3,300One month minimum$6,000
100430$1,150$3,450One month minimum$7,300
150650$1,625$4,875One month minimum$9,000
200900$1,937$5,800One month minimum$18,750

Rental Pricing for Air Dryers (Refrigerated – Desiccant)
Approx CFMRefrigerated (Week)Refrigerated (Month)Desiccant (Week)Desiccant (Month)Misc ItemsWeekMonth
30$125$375$250$7502”x 25’ Hose$30$95
40$155$450$250$7502.5”x 25’ Hose$65$190
50$220$650$265$7753”x 25’ Hose$95$280
60$275$825$295$90060 Gallon Tank$95$280
100$325$975$450$1,375120 Gallon Tank$125$375
130$375$1,125$525$1,700200 Gallon Tank$190$560
170$400$1,200$650$2,000400 Gallon Tank$375$1,125

Rental Pricing for Vacuum Pumps

Rental Terms:

      • All prices are based on single-shift usage (Double shift: price x 1.5, Triple shift: price x 2).
      • Minimum rental duration is 1 week with a base charge of $200.00.
      • Repeat renters will receive a 20% discount on the rental rate.
      • Delivery and Pickup charges: Under 30 HP – $295.00, 40 to 75 HP – $540.00 per trip.
      • Additional freight charges may apply for large rental equipment.
      • Forklift rental available at $450.00 per day.
      • Installation services are charged based on time and material; standard labor rates apply.
      • Vacuum pump rental requires the renter to pay at minimum for an oil and oil filter change.
      • If equipment remains on site for more than 7 weeks, preventative maintenance charges may apply.
      • A cleaning fee of $100.00 will be applied if equipment is returned dirty.

Premium Service Agreements

Investing in your Compressed Air System is akin to making a pivotal business decision. Like all significant investments, it warrants protection. The cornerstone of such protection is regular maintenance which is indispensable for any machinery. The absence of periodic servicing could spell production halts and costly repairs, which could have been averted.

In a landscape of swiftly evolving technologies and frequent staff turnover, could there be a dent in your company’s capability to aptly maintain your compressed air system?

Would the idea of liberating your maintenance staff from compressed air duties to engage in other crucial tasks, thereby potentially reducing your payroll and benefits expenditure appeal to you? If only there was a trustworthy entity to entrust with the upkeep of such a crucial asset as your company’s compressed air system.

At CASEI, we boast a squad of adept technicians well-versed in all dimensions of your compressed air and vacuum systems. They pledge prompt completion of tasks whilst ensuring a neat site post-service. A hallmark of our service is keeping you abreast through prompt reports post-service, and proactive consultations on emerging issues before they escalate into hefty expenditures, thereby precluding unwelcome surprises.

CASEI is poised to augment your existing efforts with four tiers of service agreements, each tailored to your requisites.

Shared Protection Agreement

Under this plan, routine upkeep and repairs remain the customer’s purview. We conduct a thorough appraisal of your system, updating our databases with relevant system data. This prepares our skilled technicians to offer proficient backup to your in-house teams. Major repairs, engineering, and system issues fall under CASEI’s domain. Avail of CASEI’s Remote Monitoring feature for an early heads-up on potential breakdowns, thus warding off production interruptions.

Advanced Protection Agreement

Encompasses the Shared Protection Plan, with CASEI taking the helm of routine maintenance, thus freeing your maintenance staff from these chores. The CASEI Remote Monitoring feature remains available, acting as a sentry against potential breakdowns that could disrupt production flow.

Exceptional Protection Agreement

This package integrates both Shared and Advanced Protection Plans, with CASEI handling a significant chunk of routine maintenance as per customer requirements. CASEI’s Monitoring aids in pre-empting potential breakdowns, ensuring uninterrupted production operations.

World Class Protection Agreement

A comprehensive plan where all compressed air services are catered to by CASEI, thus relieving your maintenance team to focus on other vital operations. With CASEI’s Monitoring, receive timely alerts on potential breakdowns, averting major operational disruptions.