Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Sullair Two-Stage Series compressors feature a superior end-to-end design for optimum efficiency and power savings. Featuring the proven Sullair air end, you can count on the Sullair Two-Stage series for optimum reliability.

  • Longer air end life
  • No loss of capacity or efficiency
  • Lower operating costs




  • Multi-Stage Air-Fluid Separation to reduce carryover
  • Fiberglass Fluid Filter – up to 20% more efficient than conventional paper elements
  • Optimalair® Heavy-Duty Air Intake Filter to keep fluid clean and extend life of internal components
  • Two-Stage Compressor Air End provides more air while reducing power consumption
  • Easy to remove panels provide access for enhanced serviceability
  • Motor Coupled to Air End through Non-Lubricated, Flexible Coupling for simplified installation and start-up
  • Wye-Delta Starter/NEMA 4 Starter Box
  • Variable Capacity Control System featuring Spiral Valve Technology
    • Lowers part-load operating costs
    • Reduces cycling duty on package
    • Maintains consistent plant pressure
    • Simple control
    • Reduces bearing load
  • Sullair Supervisor™ Controller
  • Bearing Fluid Reservoirs
  • Genuine Sullube® 10,000-hour, non-varnishing, biodegradable compressor fluid
  • Sullair 10-Year Diamond Warranty™