Sullair Compressors

We have a compressor to fit every air demand. From our lower horsepower Encapsulated Series, through our standard Single-Stage Series, to the Single-Stage Variable Capacity, Two-Stage Variable Capacity Series and Two-Stage Extreme Pressure models. Our reputation for compressed air dependability is reflected throughout our entire compressor range.

5 - 25 hp
Sullair's 5 - 25 hp stationary compressors feature the S-energy® series of Performance Air System packages for small horsepower applications.
30 - 50 hp
Sullair's 30 - 50 hp S-energy® stationary compressors are quiet running in a small footprint with a range from 100-200 acfm in their contsant speed lubricated compressors, and 100-250 acfm with variable speed lubricated compressors.
60 - 100 hp
Sullair's 60 - 100 hp stationary compressors feature the S-energy® line of quiet running, small footprint lubricated compressors with performance air systems. Also at 100HP, Sullair introduces its oil-free model and a two-stage tandem compressor.
125 - 350 hp
Sullair's 125 - 350 hp offering of lubricated stationary compressors offer higher air volumes backed by more robust constant and variable speed drives with single-stage and two-stage rotary screw compression. Also in this HP range are Sullair's air-cooled and water-cooled oil-free compressors.
400 - 600 hp
Sullair's 400 - 600 hp two-stage rotary screw stationary compressors offer the highest volumes of compressed air for large air applications.