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Sullair founded in 1965, still manufacturing in Michigan City IN to promote one technology and one technology only, rotary screw compressors. Others have rotary screw compressors in their product line Sullair’s product line is Rotary Screw Compressors.


Kobelco provides the widest range of oil-free air & water cooled rotary screw compressors on the market today. They are substantial enough to guarantee 24 hour turn around on all parts including pumps for current models, and small enough to engineer and design units to your specifications. The product line also includes a laboratory & medical air system.


Powerex began in 1982, as a joint venture between Campbell Hausfeld (USA) and Iwata Compressors (Japan). They have been manufacturing oilless compressors since 1979. They specialize in Lab and Medical Compressed Air & Vacuum Systems. The compressors feature Simplex, duplex and triplex systems; new multiple scroll systems; quiet 49dBA; 100% duty cycle. Lab & Medical Vacuum Systems feature lubricated rotary vane, oilless rotary vane and claw type vacuum pumps all available in simplex duplex and triplex systems. The company also builds customize systems to your specifications.


Parker-Airtek is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented award winning Energy Saving Smart Cycle® and Cold Trap® cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers, which comes with a performance guarantee. Their refrigerated air dryer line also includes conventional non-cycling dryers. Regenerative desiccant dryers include, heatless, heated, blower purge. They also feature the proprietary PowerLoc and CycleLoc energy-saving management systems for regenerative dryers. Their StarWatch Services provide remote monitoring & control of your complete air system.


Leading manufacturer of refrigerated and desiccant dryers, alternate source chiller dryers, compressed air flow controllers, and filtration products. Founded in 1959, the company patented the first air dryer to include a refrigeration system that cycles on and off combined with a thermal storage module for the removal of moisture and contaminants from compressed air. This innovation brought forth the company's flagship product, the HeatSinkT Cycling Refrigerated Dryer, which reduces electrical waste by matching energy consumption with actual air treatment demand.

Home of the most complete line of Compressed Air Drying, Cooling & Filtration Solutions Widest Range of product offering in the industry. Solutions for almost any for compressed air application, from Dryers to Chillers to Industrial Liquid Cooling Systems to Nitrogen Generators and ConservAIR Energy Saving Flow Controllers


Featuring Industrial, laboratory & Medical Vacuum Systems. As a solution-based company they employ a wide range of vacuum technologies from rotary vane, oil less rotary claw, air-cooled oil-sealed liquid ring, and water-sealed liquid ring. Their depth of product offering allows them to incorporate the precise vacuum technology to meet even the most demanding of applications.

Summit is known in the industry as a leader of synthetic lubricants for air compressors, and specialty blended petroleum products for gears, turbines and hydraulic systems. They also produce a complete line of USDA approved, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly descalers and degreasers.